Pointing Blame & Shooting Blanks

by Brightwater

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released November 16, 2015

Music and lyrics written by Jack Marsho.
Engineered/Mixed/Mastered(poorly) by Jack Marsho
Album artwork by James Walmsley



all rights reserved


Brightwater Sunshine Coast, Australia

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Track Name: I Spent This Year With A Ghost
I guess you were right, when you said I only loved you
Because I needed you, but I loved you nonetheless
But I know for sure, it’s no coincidence
That I fell for you rather than anybody else.
‘Cause I felt your charm, right through the planet’s core
I guess mine wasn’t worthy, because we don’t talk much anymore
That’s not my choice, you don’t reciprocate
Those feelings that I gave you, you weren’t in the right state

To give back what I gave you
You told me that you loved me, I believed you
But it’s not so bad. I still had those 6 months of fun
Before you ripped my fucking heart out.

I guess I was wrong, to assume I could still talk to you
Right after you dumped me and made me sad as hell
I’ll do it in a song that I know you’ll listen to
You’ll know I wrote this just for you, hope I sing it well.
Not a day goes by when your twitter goes unseen
It finds its way back on my screen every night.
And it’s the same old shit, you’ll say you miss me
then go and text me, “I think I wrote that stuff when I was high”

I want back what I gave you
You told me that you loved me, I believed you.
But it’s not so bad. I’ll just spend this year in my room
And think about you.
Track Name: Grade 10
I’ve spent this week listening to bands I fell asleep to in high school
They remind me of the year I spent with you.
With every uncreative breakdown
I start to think about my old town
And all the people who I shared it with.

As we grew apart, all these catchy choruses tear at my broken heart
I miss what we had, but I moved far away and turned into a different man
Than we both knew, in grade ten.

I used to have a reason to wake up before midday
But that reason lost its fun and the alarm began to fade
I'll lock the front door, and throw away the key
I'll blast my stereo and sit and think about nothing

I’ll listen to the songs I played on your bed
Does my voice still run through your head?
I miss the things we always did then
We used to laugh until our faces turned red
But that was back
Track Name: Bitter Is Better
I knew I should have called a while ago
But I've been waiting by the phone
Idly staring at your number
Still not getting any better

And I've been writing these songs instead of talking to you
I know it's cheaper and it's actually been helping me too
And all my friends say I should go back but you know I've been way too busy lately
It's not that much but it's enough

Do I want to get better?
Or will I stay bitter forever?
I know the thought of it sounds nice
But I can't remember the last time I shared an unironic smile
With anybody but myself, who's now my best friend,
I'd share a smirk with one of the guys I spent highschool with
But now it's just me and your psychology degree
If only I could gain the strength to make your phone ring

But no, I spend most of my time talking to the lizards downstairs
They're the only ones around who want to show they care
And I've been reading your books but they still can't help me now.

And I felt so mad that I thought that I could snap
And I calculated the risk but fuck I'm bad at maths
So I lock my phone and take another 10 hour nap.
Track Name: Icebox
You unlocked this icebox that I like to call my chest
And you found the piece of me that thawed out later than the rest
Two years after they locked that freezing capsule
And yet somehow you found the key.

I’m sorry I am not as warm as I might appear
With my foolishly long arms, blue eyes and mildly blond hair.
I’ve made a series of mistakes that I have come to rue
And I never would have planned that I would fall in love with you
But I did.

So I will, throw away all of the lessons that I’ve learned
Just so I will not be frozen at the risk of getting burned.
And you’ll say, “Lower your armour please” and sure I might get hurt
But I am my own medic and I’ll heal this wounded heart again

Got to put these biases aside
So I can let someone inside
It’s getting lonely in this icebox, oh my god.
Track Name: Old Sacramento
I’ve been trying to delete these pictures and memories
Because they don’t like me anymore.
Sit in my room and listen to the bands you introduced me to.
They sound sadder than before

My location will remain the same.
California no longer calls my name.

I’ve got nasty thoughts and a cheap PC keeping me company
You’ve got your family and your friends
It’s quite upsetting that you’re doing so well while I’m in misery
I'll hide under carpet in the middle of the freeway
I've got nothing here

My location will remain the same.
California no longer calls my name.
My location will remain the same.
A million thoughts of you, followed by a bullet
Swiftly make their way straight through my brain.